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Last updated at September 7, 2023.

By making use of our services or websites, you agree to all the conditions mentioned on this page. Some digital services may have additional terms of service, which will be mentioned when registering for those services.

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By agreeing to our terms of service, you also agree to our privacy policy, which is available at https://accounts.catlab.eu/docs/en/privacy.

Content- & software development

CatLab Interactive offers services like custom feature development for its products, or unrelated software services. These services are offered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to a separate written agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, following conditions apply to all services.

Fees and payments

Intellectual Property


Both parties agree not to disclose confidential information obtained during the provision of services to third parties, except as required by law.

Liability and Warranty

Applicable law

All agreements between CatLab Interactive and the client are governed by Belgian law. Any disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ghent, Belgium.


If you have any questions or remarks, you may contact us at our email address: support@catlab.eu.

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